A Surfacing

Tonight as I walked down the hallway of the hospital, I was reminded why some of us make art. I was sad to leave my mom. I knew she was in good hands, resting and recovering well, but I still wanted to stay.

As I started down the way a photograph caught my eye and then another. Beauty, memories and joy were in front of me. Spike Mafford's amazing work hung on the walls and graced my soul. Images of Seattle, Lake Ozette trails and my favorite beaches were presented to me. I felt comforted and full.

In the car on the way home I headed down Broadway, filled with sites of color and more memories. My iPod landed on My Morning Jacket. Again I was completely filled with the loud, piercing joy of his voice.

People put themselves out there for us, for me and I am full.

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Sympathy For The Devil said...

been awhile... everything alright here?